EMA thickness gauge
Using the PET
The device screen is protected by tempered glass
Measurement of thickness in objects heated up to 750°C
The device implements A-scan, B-scan and C-scan
The EM1401 EMA thickness gauge is designed for thickness measurement on steel pipes, sheet metal, rods, and other products made from steel, aluminum and other metals. The device can be connected to the EMAT with the operating clearance of up to 6 mm between the sensor and metal. The clearance can consist of dirt, layer of rust, layer of salt deposits or other non-conductive coating (paint, varnish, enamel, plastic, etc.). The device can connect to conventional PETs. Also, the device can measure the thickness of coatings on magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

The EM1401 UT thickness gauge can connect to the EMT14014T high-temperature sensor that provides thickness measurement on hot objects heated up to 750 °C. The device implements a special algorithm that accounts for changes in the rate of sound propagation in metal induced by temperature.
Two independent EMAT and PET measuring channels provide an increase in reliability of tests. PET is recommended on the objects where the thickness of deposits existing on the metal surface prevents the use of EMAT and surface cleaning is required.
The EM1401 UT thickness gauge has a color display protected by shock-resistant glass. Like any other EMA thickness gauge produced by our company, the EM1401 UT thickness gauge uses a special data processing algorithm that provides automated correct thickness measurements in the presence of disturbing factors such as metal anisotropy, usage of several reflectors, exposure to external interference. In addition to the automatic mode of thickness measurement, the device allows using manual measurement modes based on the first echo and difference between any two echoes. Manual mode is recommended for severely corroded objects.
The EM1401 electromagnetic acoustic thickness gauge allows the user to analyze A-scans, visualize B-scans (three display options), and save data conveniently on C-scans in a matrix form. If necessary, the user can work with strobes, select a thickness measurement mode, signal processing parameters, etc.
Basic equipment
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Additional equipment
EMT14012 transducer to work with clearances of up to 4 mm
EMT14013 transducer to work with clearances of up to 6 mm
Battery charger for the EM1401 thickness gauge
EMA transducer connection cable
Transducer to work with objects heated up to 750°C
Protective cover for the EM1401/EM1401 UT
PET 5 MHz, 10 mm
PET 5 MHz, 7.2 mm
PET 10 MHz, 5 mm
2Lemo 00 – 2Lemo 00
Piezoelectric transducer connection cable
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